Class 4



 Gemma Edwards


During this term we will be exploring:

  • Block 1 ~ Fractions
  • Block 2 ~ Decimals
  • Block 3 ~ Percentages

A core focus of our Maths work will include problem solving and the application or real life Maths. It is also of vital importance that the children know their multiplication tables up to and including the 12 times multiplication table. Each week we will have a different multiplication table to work on.


Reading:  Our focus text this half term will be 'Call of the Wild' by Jack London. 

Writing: We will use our focus text to write for a range of purposes including:

  • chronological reports 
  • short narratives
  • diaries
  • non-chronological reports
  • Haiku poetry
  • letter writing


  • words from the yr 5/6 word list,
  • homophones and near homophones.


  • modal verbs,
  • adverbs,
  • relative pronouns,
  • relative clauses,
  • embellishing simple sentences,
  • devices for building cohesion within a paragraph and between paragraphs 


  • Brackets, dashes and commas for parenthesis


Our Topic this half term is the Frozen Kingdom

We will learn more about: The Titanic; Exploration in the early 1900s, including explorers such as Robert Falcon Scott, Earnest Shackleton and Roald Amundsen; continents and oceans; latitude and longitude; and the geographical features of the polar regions, Antarctica and the Arctic.

Did you know that the term Antarctic actually comes from “anti-Arctic”? The name Arctic comes from the Greek word Arktos, which means bear. ... Antarktikos –Antarctica – is thus the opposite of “the land of the bear” and is situated on the other side of the planet.


This half term our science topic will be ‘living things and their habitats’.

Overview of the unit:

Within this unit the children will identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and how adaptation may lead to evolution.

The children will describe how living things including micro-organisms, plants and animals, are classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics.

The following scientific skills will be enhanced: scientific diagrams, classification keys, tables, scatter graphs, bar and line graphs.

Religious Education

Our focus religion this half term is:

  • Christianity

Our key area of learning will be:

  • The Creation from Genesis

Our key learning objective will be:

  • to learn about Creation and seek out opinions of others, while forming their own opinions in a context of respect.

Art & Design

Linking to our topic of the Frozen Kingdom we will be studying the art of the Inuits - the Arctic's indigenous people. The children will improve their art and design techniques through drawing, painting and sculpture.

Physical Education

In PE this half term we will be taught by the Shrewsbury Town sports coaches.

The children will  receive coaching about movement, both within games as part of a team and individually. Our PE sessions will take place on a Wednesday afternoon. However, it would be beneficial to have a PE kit in school all week just in case we need to change the day of the PE session due to poor weather or other events occurring during the planned PE times.



  • Set on a Friday
  • Tested on a Friday

Reading: daily (10 - 15 mins)


  • Set on a Friday
  • Due in on a Friday

Homework will usually alternate between Maths and English tasks but may also include topic related tasks.